ˈbakˌɡround – Background

Let’s just get to it shall we…………

Married in 2016, Separated in 2017, Divorced in 2018. (WHEW CHILD)

Let me just say I loved him with everything I had. If you looked up the definition of a ride or die, my face would’ve been HUGE on the page. Shorty didn’t have me robbing banks or nothing, but I stuck by him through A L O T. People always want to ask “Do you think you guys got married too soon?” Do you think you guys got married too young?”. I’m going to say no to both of those questions. The success of a marriage, to me, is not based upon how long you’ve known one another or how quickly you may have gotten married. The success is based on two people’s ability to MAKE it work. I knew he had flaws, just like I had flaws but once we were married, it was evident who wanted the marriage to work more, and that was for sure me.

Were There Signs Before Marriage?


When I say I dealt with exes, baby scares, finances… the signs were all there. Does that make me dumb? No. We’re all human, no one is perfect. When I’m with someone, I go hard for them.. just don’t put your hands on me and I’m going to stick by you to a certain extent. Things weren’t always bad, I must admit I was happy most of our relationship. As you age, people change,and if both parties don’t learn to change together, someone gets left behind… And here it is… Someone was left behind.

When we know certain things that happen are signs, why do we stay? Hoping things will change? Hoping things will get better? Do we even believe that person is capable of change? Does that make us weak? Comment below ⬇️