An Open Letter to beau..

Thank You..

I appreciate you..

Although we haven’t been on this journey long, you’ve proven to be a noble companion.

Sometimes I even consider you a champion.

You’ve taken on a project that many have quit.

Day 1, I told you the story of a heart impossible to fix.

You ensured me you were ready for the challenge,

and everyday after, I tried my best to run you away.

From the random crying sessions, to the “all men are the same” conversations

You held me and told me how I felt was OK.

Day to day you would breathe new life into me.

Somehow you showered with me a sense of security.

Those nights I searched for understanding in the bottom of the bottle,

You held me tight and didn’t leave,

That was the hardest pill to swallow.

Why waste your time on a charity,

without seeking some type of reciprocity?

Let me be honest,

That type of sincerity is scary.

Even if this isn’t forever thing and God has a different plan,

I’m just glad to have finally met a man,

who gives my life new meaning .

I don’t care who doesn’t understand,

not even my family or friends,

Because the way I feel right now,

My love for you won’t bend.

After everything I’ve been through I became bitter. I began to push away any man I came in contact with. As stated, even if me and him don’t work out in the end, I’m just happy to know there’s still someone out there willing to take the risk. Don’t allow people to make you feel as if you’re too broken to move on. Honestly, there’s always someone else out there, you’ll just have to find the one that’ll stand up and show you 🙂